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Exercise with collagen




Constantina Sparkle

Good but very expensive!

Κaterina Avgerinou

I use it for three months now and you cannot imagine the results! I had pain in my bones due to vertebral scoliosis. It's the only thing that helped me and I do not feel any pain even when I exercise. For me it is miraculous. The only disadvantage is that its price (36 euros) is extremely high…

Kuriakh Makridou

I have tried the product in order to improve my sleep pattern and I am very happy with the results. There are pharmacies that sell the product at a lower price (35 euros).

Crysanthi Prokou Vaggelis Gratsounas

It is a very good product. I use it and I think that I have started to experience improvement in my skin and my health!

Dina Doulari

Very good. It helps me a lot with my arthritis. However, I do not buy it every month because of its price. It is really expensive….

Natas Soula

Color your dish it's healthy

Ntina Meligdi

Reduce the price and we will buy it every month. Please do that in order for us to continue using the product. It is a very good product!!

Roza Gkol

Thank you very much, that was what I wanted to hear. My husband and I are satisfied with the product and we have experienced improvement in various things. This is not a medicine but rather a food and very effective to my point of view.

Gogo Apostolelli

A really wonderful product!

Eirini Mpoti

Very good

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