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Exercise with collagen




Dora Giannopoulou

I have reached the conclusion that Collagen Pro Active should be officially included in the Maslow hierarchy of needs! I also believe that it should be soon be prescribed to all National Health Service subscribers... ;)

Sofianna Alifieri

The webpage is well designed and always up-to-date! All of us involved in sports just love Collagen Pro-Active! It assists muscle repair after training, gives strength and protects the joints!

Sofia Tona

Me and my husband use the product for about two months and we have experienced improvement in many aspects: joints, psychology, effect of humidity and other such as tendonitis in the knee. The only problem, that is solved now, is that during the first days we were awake during the night. This is not the case any more.

Storm Rider

Expensive but very effective! It gave me strength! I have no longer pain in the joints, my hair is much stronger! It is the best vitamin I have ever taken!

Evaggelia Voivonta

It is perfect. It helps a lot but 40€ for 25 days seems to be much money nowadays.....

Marianna Fanioudakh Avon

The strawberry flavor is the best!!! It is perfect!!

Maria-Pol Alex

When you suffer and feel pain you do not think about the price. If you go to a doctor you pay him and do not ask for a receipt. I suffer from general joint pain, being in the initial stage of osteopenia. Collagen helped me tremendously and I tell that to anyone. Now I ordered three bottles for 109 euros from an on-line pharmacy via the internet and they will send me the product without any other costs. It cost me 36 €/bottle that is a fair price. At the beginning I was skeptical but it helped me tremendously and I will continue taking it.

Konstantina Vourloumi

Very good but expensive. Fresh and good looking face, good for the joints.

Chris Chatzigianni

Very effective particularly when combined with physical exercise and proper diet. But now that I take a medication for my thyroid I am not sure that I can continue using it…

Theodora Nikolaou

I have just started taking collagen and it helped my joints with which I faced serious problems!

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