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Fitness exercises from the trainer Sophie Pascali




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Natasha Georgiou

I took collagen for 4 years. A good product! But now I cannot buy it because it is expensive. Please do something with the price in order for me to start using it again….

Mimi Koulali

Collagen pro-active is a miraculous product that takes pain away

Anna Pefani

Amazing product

Athanasios Krigkas

A valuable product. I have tried it!

Hara Kossifa


Konstantina Vourloumi

I have been taking collagen in the past. It is a unique product!

Kwstas-Despoina Mazaraki

I love this product! In fact the product made me love it! I had terrible pain in my arms and legs’ tendons, tendonitis in particular, but after five days of taking collagen, I already feel much better! The pain has not been eliminated, as it is still very early for that, but I do feel better and I do believe that in some time my motor problems will be solved. Thank you very much! I believe that this is a miraculous product! I also believe that in some 3 months I will feel even better that now!

Μaria Gogkou

I have tried it and it may be the best collagen available in the market

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